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Best Turkish Restaurant in Dubai, UAE | Top Turkish Cuisine | Taxim Cafe

Food is what unites us despite all our differences. Everyone around the world is ready to explore different corners of the world to get different experiences and taste different feasts. Turkish cuisine is a fusion of Mediterranean, Balkan, Middle Eastern, Central Asian and Eastern European cuisines. Turks have influenced neighbouring countries with their unique flavours. 

The dishes are often named after places or styles of preparations, which makes it easier to understand the dishes. (only if you know the language!)  It is the imperial cuisine which means it was cultivated in 600 years of the Ottoman period. 

Turkish cuisine reflects the immense use of vegetables, herbs, spices and their key ingredient, Olive oil. Trust us, it never tastes bland. Without compromising on your health, most Turkish dishes are grilled. Even though many of you have believed Turkish cuisine is just for Kebabs, it is more than that. Starting from their famous dish, Baklava to their Doner Kebab, Kofte, Lahmacun, Turkish Seekh Kebab, Iskender Kebab and Kuzu Tandir, the list goes on. 

Turkish food consists of delectable mezes (tapas), fresh veggies, seasoned meat, and sweet, sticky pastries. It contains some of the most delicious foods from the Mediterranean, which is a great place to start when developing world-class cuisine! Turkish culture has a long history of feasting and festivity, which was much influenced by the seasons, the local population, and the kinds of cuisine that could be the centrepiece of a meal. Turks use different kinds of meats except pork to prepare their meals. Turkish cuisine is not deeply flavoured, but can still be tasty because of the unique cooking procedure it has for each dish. Around the world, Turkish dishes have a huge following. There will be fewer people around us who don’t like Baklava or Doner Kebab. Turkey being a vast country, has abundantly blessed with a lot of veggies which makes them easily accessible. Turkish foods have an immense amount of nutrients and protein beneficial for the human body. 

If you still haven’t wandered through the streets of Turkey, you still have time for that! But good food won’t wait. Find the best Turkish dishes in Dubai at Taxim cafe and explore the taste without any wait. 

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